Big River Fire was established in 1998 when Bonne Terre Rural Fire Department was reorganized and renamed to better reflect the area we serve. Big River Fire Protection area covers approximately 170 square miles of land. We cover northern St. Francois County, Missouri and a small mid-western portion of
Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri.

In September of 1998, the members reorganized the rural fire department and moved out from the city fire department. The city and rural fire departments were housed in the same fire station since the creation of the fire department. The rural fire department never had a station to call home.
Big River Fire is a 501-C Not For Profit organization out for one purpose: Preservation of Life and Property.

 Big River Fire is funded solely on the sales of Fire Tags. For more information on how to obtain a FIRE TAG, please click here!
Big River Fire operates on approximately $80,000 per year. When you see our operating budget, you would wonder how we even survive!
Big River Fire runs approximately 500 calls for service per year. With our vast area of coverage we expect our calls for service to increase yearly

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